1. Instructions and Advice
  2. Student Details
  3. 3rd Party Details
  4. Authorisation Details
  5. Verification
  6. Student Declaration

To enable the University to fulfil its obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (NSW) 1998 and in order to ensure that your personal and student information is kept safe, you will need to complete an identity check as part of this application.

Please prepare valid photo ID to verify your identity and complete the application.

If you are using Australian Commonwealth or State Government issued documentation to support your request, UNSW will verify and confirm the validity of your documents via the Document Verification Service (DVS) managed by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department (subject to you providing consent for the University to do so in the Verification section of this form). Information on the DVS is available at www.dvs.gov.au.

Your UNSW record is protected. If you need someone else to obtain information or documents on your behalf, you must provide your authorisation.

Use this form to:
• Authorise the release of information relating to your student record to a third party, e.g. parent/guardian, relative or friend
• Authorise a third party to apply for and collect documentation relating to your student record on your behalf, e.g. your testamur if you are not attending your ceremony.