If your complaint involves an immediate risk of harm to humans, animals or the environment, please contact the UNSW Research Ethics Compliance Support immediately.

How do I submit a complaint?

Your complaint should be lodged via this form if it involves:

  • A UNSW researcher and
  • The Conduct of Research at UNSW

    If your complaint does not involve a UNSW Researcher or the Conduct of Research at UNSW, we still want to hear from you. Please click here to find the most appropriate area to address your concerns. To better understand what is involved in the Conduct of Research, please see the Research Code of Conduct.

    If you have difficulties using this form, please email

    What do I need to include?

    Your complaint should contain sufficient information for it to be considered by the University and all supporting information should be lodged at the time of submitting your complaint.

    Research Integrity Advisors

    If you are thinking of lodging a complaint using this form and you are a staff member / student of the University, we recommend that you first discuss your concerns with one of the Research Integrity Advisors.

  • Complainant Research Information