In this degree, you’ll study 16 compulsory law courses, seven elective law courses and one prescribed elective that together will give you the depth and breadth of knowledge to set you apart in today’s competitive professional market.

We offer a mixture of daytime and evening classes for you to work around your commitments. If you’re studying part-time, you can choose one or two courses per term. 

Interactive classes are the centrepiece of our teaching. The classes are supplemented by technology-enabled learning such as interactive online activities. Classes will vary as you progress through the program, giving you the opportunity to experience a range of classes and teaching styles. You’ll be taught in a variety of formats which may include:

  • Twice-weekly daytime delivered fully in-person
  • Twice-weekly evening classes delivered as a combination of in-person and online
  • Weekly daytime or afternoon/evening classes
  • Intensive classes (taught over a condensed time frame) offered during term, on weekends or over the Summer
  • A combination of weekly and intensive classes


You need to apply via UAC for this program. There is a separate code for the CSP version of the JD program which you need to be sure to select. CSP is limited and will be assessed based on academic merit. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a CSP, as a domestic student, you can apply for FEE-HELP

Delivery Mode:

This program is Face-to-Face and cannot be completed fully online. There are some coursed within the program which may offer online classes.