Year 1 and 2 students and Industrial Training

Thank you for starting the new Industrial Training process now.

We recommend you begin placement in year 3 and 4 as you will have some engineering knowledge through your coursework. However, if you do find some industrial training in year 1 or 2, we encourage you to apply.

For more information about:

In year 1 and 2 we encourage you to develop your Resume/CV, LinkedIn profile and start networking.

Resume/CV, LinkedIn profile

We encourage you to book an appointment with Careers and Employment as soon as possible. They will help you create a competitive Resume/CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.


Networking includes joining student societies and attending networking nights using the skills you learnt in the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course.

Careers and Employment hold networking workshops where you can practice the networking skills in a non-judgmental environment.

Non-traditional Placements

At this stage of your degree, we encourage you to explore Non-traditional placements. Please refer to the Careers and Employment Resources section in the Moodle Course for the list of Faculty of Engineering Non-traditional Placements.

Other ideas

Think about working for a company as a temp or a casual as a non-engineer (i.e. in administration, the mail room or on reception) to get to know the staff, work your way up. These types of roles will be a good addition to your resume, you can talk about it in interviews and it will be valuable career experience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Industrial Training Office on